Every angler needs a landing net. Here’s why.


There is quite some debate going on about whether, as an angler, you should use a landing net or not. What I can tell you, hand on heart, is that a landing net is one of the best accessories you can take along with you when you go fishing.

It will help you land your fish with more consistency, and it will make you achieve results better. Have you ever experienced losing fish because you had no net with you to land it? It happened to me more than a few times, and it caused me much grief and frustration.



I found it especially useful to have a landing net when I participate in tournaments. You know as well as me that each fish counts and if the regulations allow it, you should take advantage of everything that gets you that competitive edge you are after. If you like winning, and catching fish, as I do, you will find a landing net, an indispensable asset.

There are several good reasons why you should focus on getting a landing net. For instance, you will be able to get the fish inside your boat much faster. The fish that is still in the water can quickly throw the hook, and you won’t be able to catch it. With a landing net, you will experience no such troubles.

Also, if you happen to fish just for sports and you want to release the fish after you caught it, it is better to use a landing net. The fish will not struggle and will not risk injuring itself, and you will be able to let it into the water easily. Something to bear in mind is that many fishing nets today are designed to prevent damage to the fish’ bodies, and there are even models created for catch and release.


Choose a landing net that is sturdy enough to allow you to catch more energetic fish. One aspect to keep in mind is what warranty is offered by the manufacturer. You will know the company making the landing net is in this business to help anglers if they provide good conditions for buyers.

It is important to have a net that is lightweight and durable. You may have to struggle with the fish for a bit, and that means that a net that is too heavy on your hands will just cause more trouble than helping you.

One-handed landing nets are very convenient because they leave one of your hands free to help to land the fish properly. This is also a sign of a good quality landing net. Also, keep in mind whether you have enough space inside your boat for storing the net, before going fishing.