What is a shortwave radio?


If you want to listen to music and news coming from every corner of the world then you must get a shortwave radio. This device is used to receive different radio transmissions on certain frequencies that broadcast across long distances. Although shortwave radios are primarily,  tools that come in handy for emergency situations, they allow you to listen to all sorts of music and current events. Moreover, they are user-friendly and they don’t require much talent in order to be operated.

Besides the unit itself, you can add several types of accessories such as antennas, external speakers or headphone to make your experience more pleasant. Once you start spending more time with a radio like this you’ll learn how to tune it properly and adjust it in order to get a perfect reception.



According to factors like cost, features, complexity, and even size, shortwave radios come in different types. In order to buy the best shortwave radio, you need to acknowledge the purpose you intend to use the tool for and what are your needs in terms of radio communication.

One model is the tabletop shortwave radio that is more suitable for houses because they are outfitted with interesting accessories that can increase the range and the power of the unit. However, there are tabletop radios that might require an additional source of power. This type works on 12-volt DC at 1 amp power but can supplement it in order to run even on a standard wall outlet.


Another model is the portable shortwave which is a great option if you’re looking for mobility. Since these units are more affordable than the tabletop radios, they are ideal for beginners that like simple items. Plus, these radios don’t run out of power fast because they run with batteries as well as wall power.

If you want a complex tool that does an excellent job especially in emergency situations, you must take a look at specialty radios. These come with features such as programmable timers, Fm stereo even when using the headphones, signal strength meters, as well as the ability to toggle between numerous radio stations.



The major advantage of owning a shortwave radio is that you get to choose from a wide array of accessories. Some units have an internal antenna that is not powerful enough and doesn’t allow you full access to certain frequencies. Therefore, you can opt for an outdoor antenna kit that offers lead-in-wire, insulators, and a long antenna wire. This antenna kit is vital because it catches the signal transmitted by weaker stations.

You might be interested in purchasing a set of monaural headsets that enable you to focus on a specific transmission without hearing distractions coming from outside interference. This feature is important when the signal is weak.